Veda Patasala

The Vedha Padasala activity established in 1968 at Srirangam is imparting Vedic & Sanskrit education along with oriental learnings like sastra, sutras etc. with traditional methods to the poor and needy eligible youth with the purpose of preserving the values of ancient heritage & culture and to impart, to sustain and propagate the study of ancient Vedas and oriental education to the future. The Padasalas are located at the following places.

  1. Srirangam, T.N
  2. Thiruchanur, A.P
  3. Vrundhavan, U.P
  4. Vaduvoor, T.N.
  5. Thiruvahindrapuram, T.N.
  6. Srimushnam, T.N.
  7. Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Over 100 students are taught and trained free of cost through these Padasala where the students are given free food & accommodation and maintenance. They are also given financial support to continue to pursue the path of our ancient customs and practices to preserve the Heritage and culture of Land. To keep the students well trained in the contemporary requirements and to be more functional in the society, computer literacy and English is also included in their training in three Padasalas with affiliation with universities for Shiromani (B.A.). Setting up a computer center, upgrading the facilities and providing better remuneration to teaching staff and provide financial support to students in all these Padasalas will lead to good quality training while ensuring expansions. These will require financial support in the form of contributions including CSR support.

Siromani Classes

Since June 2013, the Siromani classes conducted at Srirangam Patasala are recorded and the videos are uploaded for the benefit of devotees at large. This recording is sponsored by Guru Krupa Foundation, USA which also provides financial support for the Veda Patasala and Goshala in Srirangam and Tiruchanoor.

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