With 200 cows in care, the Goshala combines traditional rearing methods with modern technology to maintain a happy herd of cows and bulls. The Ghosala operate on a non-commercial model, hence more than 80% of the cattle are aged and non-milk bearing. The welfare of the cows, bulls and calves is of primary importance in the Ghosala. A new Ghosala is being set up at Amur Village near Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu to expand and provide more facilities to the cattle. There are plans to convert into energy and fertilizer the waste emerging from the Ghosala. The new projects are envisaged at the cost of Rs. 1.60 Crores.

Through the Ghosala we uphold the principles of protecting the cattle, which has been an integral part of Indian culture since time immemorial.

The new Goshala at Amur will be spread over 1.50 acres with scope for further expansion. At the initial stage, the Goshala shall house up 350 to 450 cows. Required gracing area is also made available adjacent to the compound. The infrastructure covers bathing, watering feeding and waste processing area. A separate unit for Urine and dung collection for Fertilizer Production and supply will be built.